An Epic Split between OSGi Tooling

Eclipse PDE and Bndtools

Volvo Trucks - Epic Split

created by Peter Kirschner for EclipseCon Europe 2014

Seminarräume 1 - 3 - Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 10:30 to 11:05
copyright for Epic Split Theme is with Volvo Trucks
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### About Me ![](images/PeterKirschner.jpg "Peter Kirschner") * name: Peter Kirschner * profession: IT software engineer * email: * twitter: [@peterkir]( * github:

Table of contents

  • Motivation
  • Comparison PDE to Bndtools
  • Development Setup & Update
  • Programming
  • Conclusion
### Motivation * PDE pain points * Why bnd/Bndtools
### PDE pain points * [dependency management is difficult]( * target horror * configuration complex * reloading is not fail safe * launch configurations * what the hell has PDE loaded in the runtime * where do these runtime settings come from

Why Bndtools

automated import package analysis including versioning bndImportAnalysis
powerful OSGi bundle repository management bndRepositoryManagement
instant Jar bundle creation bndInstantJarBuilder
annotation based Declarative Service implementation bndDeclarativeService
### Comparison of PDE and Bndtools * Project Layouts * IDE Bundle Handling

Project Layouts

Eclipse PackageExplorer View
single/multiple bundles
from one project

build path on
eclipse project level
### IDE Bundle Handling * PDE * creates "virtual bundles" for execution Launches * PDE build/export required to create concrete jar files * Bndtools * creates physical jar file inside generated folder * launches execute this jar file inside runtime
### Concurrent areas - Mixed-Mode * Project Build Path * Project Interdependencies * PDE depends on BND * BND depends on PDE * Compiler Settings
### Project Build Path * PDE * projects share a common target * high complexity selecting import-packages * Bndtools * configured for each project * reduces number of import-package * **bnd projects have a precise import-package scope**
### PDE depends on BND * OSGi dev with PDE target * BND creates generated/bundle.jar * p2 publisher generates p2 repo from bnd jar files * include p2 repo in target and reload it
### BND depends on PDE * BND project depending on PDE bundle * PDE feature export/build creating p2 repo * obr repo indexing * reference and refresh cnf * **Luckily we don't required this**

Synchronize Compile Settings

PDE compilation on target

<pde_prj>/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF -> Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment
<pde_prj>/ -> jre.compilation.profile



Synchronize PDE and bnd compilation via import of JDT settings

### Development setup * Initial Dev Setup * Updating Setup or Target * Mixed-Mode Helpers
### Initial Dev Setup * Eclipse SDK to create/update -> **bootstrap IDE** * install **IDEfix** (eclipse + Bndtools + ...) * mirror required repos locally * **IDEfix** with eval workspace * adapt Bndtools cnf * **IDEfix** product workspace * use custom cnf and develop product
### Update Dev Setup * **bootstrap IDE** * mirror new bndversion and install new IDEfix * mirror and index new target repositories * launch **IDEfix** with an new eval workspace * eval bnd updates on cnf * launch **IDEfix** with new product workspace * compare and configure cnf * import your projects
### Mixed-Mode Helpers * p2 repository mirroring with OBR indexing * IDE bootstrap scripts mirror, install, launch templates * bnd2pde -> p2 publishing and PDE target creation * [PDE TargetReloader Plug-in](
### Development * Mixed-Mode * Coding
### Mixed-Mode * After modifications on bnd bundles 1. bnd2pde build 2. target reload required 3. validation via view "TargetPlatform State" * Debugging source code editor is showing read-only bnd target bundles * editing impossible (uncommon behaviour) * open the appropriate source type with Ctrl+Shift+T and CamelCase notation


with Bndtools can leverage

the Joy of OSGi

### Conclusion * Our Migration Progress * Migration Digest

Our Migration Progress

number of pde and bnd bundles
### Migration Digest * Mixed-Mode is hard -> try to migrate fast * Defaults are not ideal for Enterprise Environments * Bndtools Windows Committers wanted - Windows is special * Work is more comprehensible * Benefits for us exceeded the tooling problems ** Migration is feasible, but is not for free!**
# ??? * contact [me](#/aboutme) for more information * example source on [github]( * example project is work in progress
### Credits for * my suffering colleagues for their * valuable feedback * and patience in adopting new technologies * Peter Kriens, Neil Bartlett, BJ Hargrave * and all other bnd/Bndtools/bindex commiter and contributors * [REVEAL.JS]( - HTML presentations by Hakim El Hattab

Volvo Trucks - Making of ...

short version (1:16mn) - commercial spot only

### standard references * [OSGi specifications]( * [LDAP search filter syntax]( * [Semantic Versioning 2.0.0](